“THAT’S A NICE!” Ferrari Performance in a Car Audio System!

November 12, 2011 · · Mobile Electronics · 1 Comment

Nothing is more satisfying when you are in the car audio business to create a system design which is a “one of a kind” custom installation and performs well past the customer’s expectation. I had that opportunity this month on a Ferrari 360 Spider convertible.The 360’s challenges…. small space, sound reproduction accuracy, getting past the.

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Are you an iPhone junkie? Here’s something unique for iPhone in a car stereo you’ll want to check out!

November 6, 2011 · · iPhone Accessories, Mobile Electronics, Sound Advice · 1 Comment

Every once and awhile a really cool and different product comes out that grabs my attention. French electronics manufacturer Oxygen Audio’s new car audio indash, “O-Car”, uses a docking system built right into the face of their car stereo for iPhone! When snapping your iPhone into place in the front of the audio deck, it.

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The “Deadening”…No this is not about a Halloween movie!

October 22, 2011 · · Sound Advice · 0 Comments

Car Audio enthusiasts always ask me, “Will sound dampening products in my car make a difference in the audio performance of my speakers and subs?” The answer is simply “Yes”. It could be the #1 improvement you could make to any car audio system. Let me explain why. Sound is the movement of air by.

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“Yes you can improve your “Factory Radio!”

October 11, 2011 · · Sound Advice · 1 Comment

There is a great deal of bad information regarding connectivity to your existing car audio system, of iPod & iPhones, Video systems, Cameras, Bluetooth, Audio Streaming, Smartphone, and MP3 players. Many people are told by various retailers and/or car dealerships whom don’t have the expertise, “It can’t be done!” Oh, contraire! In fact there are.

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